Handweaving & clothing from Donegal, Ireland

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The Manufacturing Process at Studio Donegal

Man sat handweaving coloured wool at Studio Donegal on traditional wooden loom

1. The Blending Room

Some of the Irish wool dyed and ready for blending.

 Wool dyed green at Studio Donegal ready for blending 

Studio Donegal manufactures their own stock of wool having bought machines to manufacture wool from traders both in Ireland and Yorkshire. The breaking machine from Macroom, Co. Cork and the carding machine came from Yorkshire.  The designers try to capture the colours they see throughout the year from the mill windows. The result is a rich palette of colourful seasonal hues that you will see in our shop from from tweed casual jackets for men and women and hats and scarves to throws and bedspreads.

2. Carding and Spinning

The mule, which spins the yarn, came from Snath Gaeltachta in Kilcar. It was broken when they bought it, so they restored it to its original condition and now it spins perfectly.

The mule at Studio Donegal with yellow yarn spinning

3. Warping

The warping machine came from Connemara Fabrics in the eighties. The weaving pattern is put onto the creel, it then moves the creel to the Swift Mor. When the design is completed, they roll the wool onto beams, ready for the looms.  

The warping machine with coloured yarn at Studio Donegal

See our Warp Machine in Action

4. Weaving

Weaving is the interlacing of the weft threads across the warp threads on our traditional wooden looms.

Two men sat hand weaving on traditional wooden looms at Studio Donegal

The beams come into the weaving room and they manually put them onto the looms. Once that is done, they are finally ready to start weaving.

They open the warp and the weft is inserted and this is repeated until the tweed is finished. Once the tweed is woven, it moves into the stitching room, where the garments are made.

Traditional Handweaving in Action

5. The Garment Making

All our garments are made here in the mill in our sewing room.

Sewing a tweed garment at Studio Donegal

One lady manufactures each garment from beginning to end, to ensure quality. Once the garments are finished, they are either taken down to the shop to be displayed or they are sent out to their customers all over the world.  All their work is done by hand and they are very proud of that.

See Us Hand Rolling Fringes on a Tweed Throw   

Nationwide Visits Studio Donegal January 2017

Our Retail Space

We welcome visitors to come and browse and  explore Studio Donegal.  The shop is very busy in the summer. Many people visit specially to see their range of garments. Tourists from America, Scotland, England, France, Germany and Japan visit Studio Donegal to buy clothes. The shop sells a full range of our tweed throws, men’s and women’s clothing, hats and accessories as well as Donegal Yarns knitting wool and a selection of contemporary and traditional knitwear. Whilst visiting us at Studio Donegal, why not pick up a Gatsby cap, a Donegal Days Throw, a Ruana handwoven wrap-around cape or an Aran vest and take a little piece of Donegal away with you?

Tweed ladies and mens clothes, hats, wool & throws laid out in Studio Donegal shop.