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Donegal Days Throw Ref: 466-466A

Donegal Handwoven Quality Throw

There are Six days in Donegal, yes six of the best, any more are for rest!!! Stormy, Rainy, Winter, Payday, Summer and Atlantic Rainbow.

A Stormy day starts bright then rainclouds start to gather slowly grey, greyer and black. Then flashes of colour & white of the thunder and lightening followed by black driving rain for the emerald verdant growth to a new bright day. 

A Rainy day starts a soft grey before the black downpour, before too long the day lifts and becomes bright and colourful - all the wonderful colours of Donegal.

A Winters morning starts grey, as the sun lights up you get a wonderful sky for a short bright day. It darkens as the sun goes down followed by a wonderful warm coloured sunset black night.

PAYDAY -Shhhh! The unspeakable day, for some a day they cannot wait for, others a day they dread. Be you employer going from black to red or employee going from the red to the black - time for the party to begin followed by a dark hangover and the thoughts more bills to pay.

A Summers day. Having survived the shock of the previous days a summer day in Donegal is a wonderful day, a soft gentle day to relax upon a beach, a grassy knoll or a mountain and just take in the wonderful views.

Atlantic Rainbow -In the land of rain, sunshine & fun, we see Rainbows arriving with Atlantic storms followed by the search for the pot of gold. The mystery of the rainbow needs to be resolved with refreshment in the local and storytelling with ol, ceol agus craic.

Washed and milled with rolled fringes

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