Handweaving & clothing from Donegal, Ireland

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A Brief History of Studio Donegal

The first woollen mill on this site, Round Tower Tweeds, established in the
1930's, continued the tradition of handweaving into the 1960's when it
introduced modern power looms. By the early 1970s all handweaving had
ceased. A plan was put in place to move the operation to Co Galway, and a
new brand, Connemara Fabrics, was created. A change of mind saw the mill
continue in Kilcar, but the new name, Connemara Fabrics, remained. Two
separate firms developed, in new purpose-built mills, one for the woollen
spinning and one for the machine weaving, Connemara Fabrics.

By the late 1970s Connemara fabrics realised that something special had been
lost with the demise of the hand weaving and so Studio Donegal was born.
Kevin Donaghy was engaged to manage and develop the newly created Studio
Donegal. It started in the old Round Tower mill buildings, which were almost
derelict. The beginnings were humble, with the retired foreman hand weaver
Michael Cannon returning to work on development with Kevin. Soon they were
gaining interest with new products and Michael was training several young

In the 1980s, the textile industry in Ireland was in decline with mill closures all

over the country. Connemara Fabrics was no exception to this and was finding

the market increasingly difficult. In 1987 they decided to wind down Studio

Kevin and his wife Wendy were determined to preserve the tradition of hand

weaving in Kilcar, so they took the brave step of taking over Studio Donegal
from Connemara Fabrics. They leased the old buildings and purchased the
hand looms, and armed with courage and determination, set about achieving
their goals.

The biggest challenge they faced was to establish & market. Kevin quickly
realised that the way forward was to concentrate on creative design, build a
brand, and let the market find them.


Today, Studio Donegal is a small woollen mill on the Wild Atlantic Way, with its
own carding, spinning, hand weaving and garment making. The reins have
been handed down to Tristan, Kevin and Wendy’s son, who now manages the
business, which currently employs fifteen people, and is trading successfully
whilst staying true to its core value of hand weaving all its tweed. Everything with the Studio Donegal label is hand woven and made in the mill in
Kilcar, Co Donegal.